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4X4-withoutaclub Newsletter 2019

Info - ring Lea / Steph Awbery 07887533168 or 07990667503

Welcome to our new and existing members.
When you come to a meeting can you please see a marshal to check over your vehicle
for loose objects firstly, and then come into the office.

Dates 2019

Jan 13th, Feb 10th, Mar 10th, Apr 14th, May 12th, Jun 9th,
Jul 14th, Aug 11th, Sep 8th, Oct 13th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th,
Boxing day December 26th Charity event.

Berkshire Motor show is on July 7th 2019 at prospect park, Reading, Berks.
raising funds for the charity, South Central Ambulance Charity.
Booking forms are now on the website.

We hope you enjoy your day with us all.

Lea, Paul, Steph, Ash, Phil, Emily, Adam and webmaster Paul.

www.4x4-withoutaclub.co.uk   Email withoutaclub@yahoo.co.uk

4x4 Site.
4x4 site is open for Hire/Film shoots/press launch. Please ring the number above.
The 4x4 site is open all year round and we never close.