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4x4-withoutaclub was started in 2004 and since then the club has gone from strength to strength. It took a couple of months to find the 4x4 site, since then, we have still been looking for an additional site, but this is hard, as you have to cater for the experienced and the novice. Some sites are too dangerous and this is what we have to consider when choosing, safety has to come first.
We have Risk Assessments carried out each year to check the 4x4 site, Public Liability Insurance we have to have no matter what, this again can be expensive but we have to have it. There are rules and regulations; this is to make sure of safety, yours and ours.
The club is run by volunteers who love the sport, money raised by the club, goes back in to the club or to charities, we are not profit making and do not get paid for what we do. Some of our marshal's are fully trained by the motor sports association BARC and others.
At present we only run from the Aldermaston site. Each month we have our Drive Round Days, which everyone loves.
We are all volunteers and as a club do what we can for charity. We have sponsored many charities like Cancer Research, Air Ambulance and the First response unit.
If you would like to join us, you may either download the application form from the web site or come along to one of our Drive Round Days and meet us in person, a marshal may even take you round the 4x4 site for a taster!


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