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  1. There is a group of four which are main committee and can not be voted off and six officials who make up the whole COMMITTEE. We run, find the sites and organise the paperwork. We can NOT be voted-off as then the club will have to close down, this is also the say of the land owner who will only deal with us alone.
  2. At each event we are insured, Public Liability etc.
  3. 4X4-WITHOUT A CLUB hold Fun Trials and Drive Round Days.
  4. Speed limit on site is 10Mph.
  5. Adults and children MUST wear seat belts or harness AT ALL TIMES.
  6. Drivers of 17yrs and above must hold a valid uk driving licence ( not provisional )
  7. Photographers MUST sign in and wear fluorescent or HI-Vis Jacket or waistcoat.
  8. Parents are responsible for looking after their own children at all times whilst on site.
  9. Any irresponsible behaviour, in or out, of a vehicle will mean you will be asked to leave the site with NO REFUND.
  10. Marshall's shall wear fluorescent or HI-Vis Jacket or waistcoat. They are in motors on the course looking out for problems.
  11. All events will be on the web-site WWW.4X4-WITHOUTACLUB.CO.UK
  12. There will be a FIRST AID BOX and FIRE EXTINGUISHERS at each event at the sign-in desk.
  13. We shall NOT be responsible for any driver when leaving the site, if they get stopped by the police e.g. with a dirty or defective vehicle, nor be held liable for any theft, death, damage or injury to persons, vehicles or property.
  14. All vehicles MUST be safe, Batteries MUST be fixed down (not with cable ties) All body panels MUST be in place and SECURE.
  15. Dogs MUST be on a lead at all times.
  16. Roll caged only vehicles, where there are signs on the course.
  17. NO washing down of all vehicle. Only lights, number plates, rad, windows. Road taxed vehicles need to do this NOT trailered ones.
  18. warnings! There will be 3 issued then you will be asked and escorted off site. e.g. speeding, noise, etc.
  19. If any persons/clubs hire the site. There is a charge of 100 deposit per day, non refundable if they cancel within seven days of the event booked.

Please will everyone KEEP OFF and out of the taped off
areas on site, this is for your own safety

White Arrowwhite arrow - easyroute for standard road going vehicles.
Red ArrowRed arrow - medium/hard route for road going and modified vehicles.
Black ArrowBlack arrow - roll caged only vehicles.

Anybody seen defacing/distroying the signs, will be banned from the site.